It begins: Media smears Ann Romney, suggests she invested in sex trafficking website.

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Yesterday, Politico ran a story entitled, “Ann Romney is the Romney Dems Fear Most.”  True to form, tt didn’t take long for the media to begin attacking the potential first lady.  The media cracked up its slime machine today with a pitiful smear, accusing her of investing in a sex trafficking website.

Here’s the headling from Reuters:

Here’s Business Insider:

The Examiner:

I won’t even begin to link you to the liberal blogs that are running with this story.  

So, let’s look beyond the headline smear at the facts of this story.  

  • Goldman Sachs recently sold a 16% share of Village Voice Media, a company that owned a website called  Backpage is a classifieds website with a “adult” second that has been linked to sex trafficking.  Goldman Sachs said that it was “uncomfortable with the direction of the company” and sold their share.  
  • Ann Romney was invested in a blind trust through Goldman Sachs.  
  • Ann Romney’s share in the Goldman fund was valued between $15,001 and $50,000 but the fund itself was a $2.78 billion dollar venture for Goldman Sachs.
There is zero evidence to suggest that Ann Romney had any knowledge of Village Voice Media or Backpage.  In fact, that’s what a blind trust is.  She had a modest investment in a multi-billion dollar fund that she had no control over. Furthermore, the managers of the fund were themselves uncomfortable with Village Voice Media and sold their share.  

Look, I’m no big fan of the Romneys  But this kind of smear is despicable.  Sex trafficking is far too serious a charge to toss about as a political smear. 

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