Islamist who was a registered Democrat kills dozens of gays; Gays blame Republicans

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No words.

From the Daily Wire:

At Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade in New York City, the gay community boasted a rainbow banner with the words “Republican Hate Kills” plastered across it—a remarkable testimony to the masterful manipulation of the gay community by the left.

Mind you, it’s been mere weeks since a Hillary-supporting registered Democrat jihadist murdered 49 gays on behalf of ISIS, an Islamic terrorist group which successfully metastasized under Democratic President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

…Somehow, Democrats have successfully pinned Republicans as the scapegoats…

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This is so nonsensical and disconnected from reality that it’s actually difficult to fully appreciate just how stupid it is.

Exit thought: I wonder if the people behind the sign’s creation are actually gay rights activists or just paid agitators. After all, Hillary Clinton was at this particular march.