Irony: Southern Poverty Law Center has a ‘Hate Incident’ list which doesn’t include Family Research Council shooting

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Floyd Lee Corkins II, the man who pleaded guilty to terrorism after an he attempted to kill members of the Family Research Council this past August, claims that he got the address for the FRC and several other socially conservative groups from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map.

But as if this weren’t ironic enough, on the SLPC’s web site near this “hate map”, there’s something else I found interesting. It’s a list. A list they call, you guessed it, the “hate incident list”. After verifying the date of the FRC shooting (August 15th, 2012), I checked to see if it was on this “hate list” but unfortunately, it wasn’t. Here’s a screenshot (with the dates accented):


Let’s recap. A man was able to violently attack a socially conservative organization simply because they were socially conservative, after he obtained information about the group from an organization that supposedly exists to “fight hate, teach tolerance and seek justice”. And after all of this, this organization doesn’t even classify it as hate. Yep, that’s what you call irony.

Exit thought: The fact that the SLPC doesn’t consider this shooting an act of hatred should be a clue as to the real reason the organization exists (hint: it’s not to “fight hate, teach tolerance and seek justice”).