Huh? NBC’s Joy Reid wants Obama to “secure voting rights.” For whom?

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Here’s a head scratcher for you.  MSNBC is asking people what they want President Obama to accomplish during his second term and tweet a picture of themselves holding up the request.  

When they asked NBC’s Joy Reid this question, she held up a sign saying “Secure voting rights.”  My question is: for whom?  Women have the right to vote.  Every ethnicity has the right to vote.  Gays and lesbians have the right to vote.  The mentally handicapped have a right to vote.  The elderly have a right to vote.  It seems this MSNBC host might be a bit confused about where she lives or perhaps which century. 

For whom does Ms. Reid want Obama to secure voting rights?  Dogs? Children?  House plants?  Foreign nationals? 

Poor Richard’s News has reached out to Ms. Reid on twitter for a response.  We’ll update you here if she replies. 

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post had the woman in the photo identified as Melissa Harris-Perry because the caption on the photo from MSNBC had the two listed out of order.  An astute reader pointed out that it’s not Harris-Perry.  Apologies to Ms. Harris-Perry for the confusion.