Here’s the proof that Ted Cruz has never supported amnesty, legalization, or citizenship for illegal immigrants

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That photo is Ted Cruz showing his disapproval at the stench of the amendment process for Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill back on May 9, 2013.  Marco Rubio’s campaign has been trying to turn the tables on Ted Cruz now that Ted Cruz is breaking away from him in the polls.  Remember, Rubio was one of the authors of the infamous “Gang of 8 Bill” for immigration reform that would have allowed a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.  Ted Cruz, along with Steve King and Jeff Sessions, led the fight to defeat the bill, and one of the mechanisms they used to defeat the bill was Cruz’s proposal of an amendment to permanently strip illegal aliens of a pathway to citizenship. Rubio’s team is now trying to say that offering that amendment meant that Cruz supported a “legal status” for aliens currently residing in the US illegally.

But here’s the rub: Cruz’s amendment said absolutely nothing about a legal status.  The only thing it did was ban illegal aliens from ever obtaining citizenship. Here’s the proof:

Ted Cruz immigration amendment

That is the entire amendment to the Gang of 8 bill offered up by Ted Cruz. One page. Here’s the text of the amendment:

INELIGIBILITY FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP OF PERSONS WHO HAVE PREVIOUSLY BEEN WILLFULLY IN UNITED STATES IN UNLAWFUL STATUS. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person who is or has previously been willfully present in the United States while not in lawful status under the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.) shall be eligible for United States citizenship.

One single paragraph.

It says nothing about a legal status for illegal immigrants currently residing in the US. It says nothing about amnesty. It simply rules out citizenship for illegal aliens. Period.

Although Cruz’s amendment was rejected by the Gang of 8 (including Rubio), what it did was prove once and for all that the entire bill was designed to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  Some are calling this a “poison pill,” and that might be an apt description because just its introduction helped killed the bill in the Senate.

Here’s video of Cruz explaining the whole thing to a skeptical Greta Van Susteren:

Now, Ted Cruz and his cohorts were clever to use the language of Democrats by saying things like “come out of the shadows,” and that’s really the only sticking point in the current political fight.

Around here we have a name for this: “Compromise in the right direction.”  One of the reasons Republican leadership is so atrocious in Congress is that they have no idea how to compromise.  Whenever Republicans compromise, it always means giving up on Constitutional principles and giving in to Democrat demands.  It almost never means that they minimize the damage inflicted by Democrat proposals.  Ted Cruz took a bill that looked like it was going to pass and tried to “compromise in the right direction.,” in a more Constitutional direction, and when his proposed compromise was rejected, the bill died on the Senate floor. It was a victory for Ted Cruz and for the Constitution.

Ted Cruz is one of the only reasons we don’t have a pathway to citizenship for illegals already codified in US law.  He never voted for amnesty.  He never voted for a legal status.  He only offered an amendment that would have taken the teeth out of Rubio’s awful bill.

Ted Cruz has never supported amnesty. Everybody knows that, and anybody who says otherwise is being willfully dishonest.