FBI Releases Hillary documents proving she’s a lying, corrupt criminal.

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No. Way.

On Friday, the FBI released some of its files on the Hillary Clinton email investigation – more specifically, a memorandum summarizing the investigation, as well as the transcript of its interview with Clinton. The information was heavily redacted, but remained shocking and damaging nonetheless.

Here are a few of what the The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro has collected:

1. Hillary Used TONS Of Different Devices.

2. Her Aides Destroyed Her Old Blackberrys…Or Lost Them.

3. Hillary Told The FBI She Had No Idea How Classified Intelligence Worked.

4. Hillary Hid 17,448 Work Related Emails From The State Department.

5. Hillary Wiped Her Email Again After The New York Times Reported Her Private Email Server.

Read the Rest (there are several more of these points — all with details)

Hey libs, repeat this to yourself: Hillary is a corrupt liar.

You might inexplicably like her politics. Great. You might think she’s a swell lady. Super. But she’s a corrupt liar who should be in jail. You know this. You know it because there is no doubt about it. And don’t even try the tired “If she was crooked, why didn’t the FBI charge her?” argument. This is utter fantasy. That’s like assuming the mobsters who bought off politicians, judges and police officers were “innocent.” It’s a comical defense.

Hillary Clinton should be in jail and everyone — including the FBI — knows it.