Corruption: Obama closes the White House to public access but is selling White House access to large donors

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You’ve probably heard that President Obama closed the White House to public tours this week, blaming the sequester.  What you may not have heard, however, is that Organizing for Action (President Obama’s retooled campaign operation) is essentially selling access to the President and other White House political figures to high dollar donors. 

This week, White House spokesperson Jay Carney even admitted that while “there is no set price” for access to the President, donors do indeed get access.

Once again, here’s the video of Carney’s remarks:

In fact, donors of $50,000 or more are invited to a “Founder’s Summit” dinner later this month in which they will have access to prominent members of Obama’s inner circle, including David Plouffe and Jim Messina. Donors who raise $500,000 get to attend quarterly meetings with the President himself.  

Even the liberal New York Times slammed the scheme as “a fancy way of setting a price for access to Mr. Obama.”

The ironic contrast between these two stories is stunning. It’s a perfect example of how connivingly political and corrupt President, his campaign, and his administration are.  

Obama closed the front door of the White House to the American people in order to make a public spectacle of how “deep and painful” the sequestration cuts would be.  Meanwhile he opens the back door to the White House for anybody with a spare $500,000 for his political campaign wing.