Contact your Senators

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The budget bill that the House of Representatives passed last week funds the entire government fully while defunding Obamacare. But here’s the problem: if the Senate votes on this bill and it passes (as it likely would), Senate rules allow Harry Reid to simply modify the bill retroactively, putting Obamacare funding back in. Ted Cruz is attempting to delay a vote on the house bill until he can encourage other Senate Republicans to stand with him and eventually force a vote on the bill “as-is” (with no severability). 

In short, a vote for this bill now is a vote for Obamacare. I know I know, Senate rules make it convoluted and frankly, confusing. But if we’re going to eventually have a shot to repeal Obamacare altogether, defunding it now (which would simply delay it for one year) would be a great start.

I urge you to contact your Senators today and tell them to stand with Ted Cruz and not vote for cloture.

Call them, email them, write them a letter, go to their local offices, Tweet them, Facebook them, fax them and send them a telegram.

If lines are busy, keep calling as you have time throughout the day. You’ll eventually get through. If need be, leave a voice mail message and call again tomorrow.

As always, be polite.

As I regularly say, if we are ever going to once again thrive as a nation, we must eliminate Obamacare.