Colorado Dems put forth gun control bill

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Libs just can’t help themselves. In spite of the Constitution as well as the overwhelming data that indicates that so-called “assault weapon” bans don’t do anything to curb violent crime, their hatred of guns compels them to take away the rights of ordinary, law-abiding citizens. But this particular iteration of gun control has a different twist as it puts the blame for shootings, not on the shooter or the lack of security, but on the gun manufacturers.

From KDVR Denver:

Colorado democrats introduced eight new bills at a legislative session Tuesday, calling them a “measured approach” to gun violence focusing on gun control and mental health.

Perhaps the most consequential of the eight bills is the proposed Assault Weapon Responsibility Act.

According to FOX31 Denver political reporter Eli Stokols, the bill is not calling for a ban on assault weapons. Instead, Stokols said it’s aim is to create stricter liability for gun manufacturers, sellers and owners dealing only with assault weapons — not with handguns, shotguns and bolt action rifles.

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Follow this logic, two people can commit the same crime, one using a semi-automatic hand gun, the other using what bureaucrats call an “assault weapon”, but only one of the gun manufacturers can be held liable. It’s the same crime with different punishments. It’s the exact reason that hate crime legislation is immoral and unjust. Two people can commit the same exact crime but might get punished for it differently based on their skin color, sex, sexual orientation or religion. This is insane.

Furthermore, they say that they are “not calling for a ban on assault weapons” but this will effectively ban the manufacture of assault weapons. If I were a gun manufacturer and I knew that I would be held responsible (thrown in jail, fined, etc) if just one nut used one of my guns to commit a crime, I wouldn’t take the chance of manufacturing them. No way.

In any case, there it is. The left has been looking for an opportunity to push for gun control and Sandy Hook was it.