Chicago Politics: Convicted child molester, bank fraudster announces bid to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. in Congress

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17 years ago, Jesse Jackson replaced the disgraced Mel Reynolds in Congress after Reynolds was convicted of bank fraud and child molestation.  Now that Jesse Jackson himself has resigned in disgrace, Mel wants his old job back.

from the Chicago Sun Times:

Mel Reynolds, an ex-con convicted of bank fraud and having sex with a 16-year-old girl when he was in his 40s, wants to replace the embattled Jesse Jackson Jr. in Congress.

Standing in front of signs that read “Redemption” Reynolds held a news conference on Wednesday saying he would run in a special election after Jackson resigned in disgrace last week in the midst of a federal investigation.

It was Reynolds who Jackson replaced 17 years ago —in a special election — after Reynolds himself resigned in disgrace after his conviction.

“It’s what you do after the mistakes,” Reynolds said, adding that his crimes were “almost 18, 20 years ago,” and shouldn’t be a life sentence. “I want to serve.”

One reporter asked whether he feared that some people believed his candidacy was merely a joke.

Another asked how he responded to people who said he had no shame.

“I say to those people that I’m not perfect. If you’re perfect, I’m not appealing. I’m appealing to people who want to take a fair look at all of my history, all of my work, all of my education. What I’ve done since those times … and make a fair judgment,” said Reynolds, a onetime Rhodes scholar.

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It’s just the Chicago way!