Cheating on your spouse is illegal in Colorado, legislature weighs overturning the law

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Democrats in Colorado are taking a break from saying dumb things about rape to tackle other pressing issues: cheating!

It’s the year 2013, but Colorado still has a law on the books that makes it a crime to cheat on your spouse. Today, the Colorado legislature is weighing whether or not they should overturn that law. 

from News 9:

If you think cheating on your spouse is immoral, the state of Colorado will up the ante and tell you it is downright illegal.

In fact, there’s still a law in place that makes marital infidelity a crime. This Thursday, state legislators will discuss whether it should be repealed, ultimately making cheating legal.

As it stands, the current law is rarely prosecuted. Same goes for another law in Colorado which makes it illegal for hotel operators to rent a room to an unmarried couple who plan to have sex in it.

“The issue is really whether or not the police belong in our bedrooms, whether or not we should be (as Coloradans) questioned by police as to who we slept with,” said Rep. Daniel Kagan, a Democrat who is looking to change the bill.

Kagan believes there will be enough votes to change the law.

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Now, here’s where I give you a nice conservative/libertarian argument on the issue. 

What do we all want? Smaller government!

Is it immoral to cheat on your spouse?  Of course! Don’t do it!

Should the government be involved? Heck no!

Should this law be overturned? Yep!

Conservatives need to understand something that Libertarians already have a really great grasp on: Governments policing morality doesn’t work, and it’s absurd to give the government any say over what should be between you, your spouse, and God.  

If you want to improve the morals of society, go volunteer at your local church, be a good parent to your kids, and set a good example in your own marriage.  Stop trading your fear or guilty conscience for bigger government.