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VIDEO: Nuclear Weapon in military convoy gets rear-ended as cop yells at citizen to stop filming

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I can’t help but find this situation amusing. A nuclear weapon was being transported near Malstrom Air Force Base in Montana with a full military escort along with Federal marshals and helicopters flying overhead. An observer was filming the entourage when a US Marshall (wrongfully) told him he wasn’t allowed to film on a public street. That’s when the truck carrying the nuke was rear ended.

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Kentucky Judge: Yes, people can shoot down drones flying over their land

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Just as you can’t legally trespass on someone’s land, there is now similar legal precedent for drones: if you fly them over someone else’s private property…you might get it shot down. From CNET: It was a case that gripped the nation. Or at least Kentucky. Should it have temporarily escaped your pressured memory, William Merideth in July said he saw …