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Actually, it’s Bill Clinton and Obama who appear in an ISIS recruiting video, not Donald Trump

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Hillary Clinton made the wild claim at Saturday’s debate that Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims are being used as ISIS recruitment propaganda. She said ISIS recruiters put Donald Trump himself into one of their videos.

A quick investigation of the claim made it abundantly clear that this is not true. However, there are a couple of prominent US politicians who do appear in a new ISIS recruitment video…

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Blacksmith drops some science on the idiotic “9-11 truthers” who still claim jet fuel couldn’t compromise the twin towers

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I don’t know who this guy is, but he is truly awesome. Finally, he completely disproves the moronic 9-11 truther argument that jet fuel wouldn’t have been enough to compromise the structural integrity of the twin towers. He does it so deftly that it only takes him two minutes using plain English that’s so simple, even the stupidest 9-11 truther should be able to understand it.

The twin towers were knocked down by Islamic jihadists, not a conspiracy of American government officials.

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ISIS notes in Sweden: ‘We’ll behead you in your home unless you convert to Islam’

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Notes, bearing the ISIS emblem and containing a warning for ‘non-believers’ to convert to Islam or die, were left in mailboxes in various cities throughout Sweden recently. Sweden. From UK Daily Mail: Police in Sweden are investigating chilling letters posted through letterboxes across the country threatening to behead people unless they convert to Islam. The notes, which are signed ISIS and carry …

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ISIS decides to kill children with Down’s Syndrome

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have decided to do away with certain “undesirables” they feel might be a burden to them. Like the article notes, ISIS is sounding more and more like left-wing, WW2-era Nazis. From the Mirror: Vile ISIS terror thugs have issued a fatwa to kill babies and children with Down’s Syndrome, it has been reported. Iraqi …