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Police in Finland arrest “refugee” brothers suspected of committing mass executions in ISIS propaganda videos

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While Obama is busy running around trying to convince everyone that the migrants from the Middle East are all harmless, and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are doing their best to cram his refugee scheme through Congress just to prove they’re not Donald Trump—back in the real world—Finnish police just arrested two “refugees” who actually appear in ISIS propaganda videos committing mass murder. The two brothers were arrested in a refugee center outside of Helsinki.

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Norway is offering “refugees” free flights and cash to leave the country

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This just goes to show you how absurd the “refugee” crisis has gotten in Europe. I’m using “refugee” in quotes because the vast majority of migrants who have arrived in western Europe are healthy military-age males and hardly qualify for the handwringing from the progressive left. Norway created a mess by inviting thousands of migrants into their country, and now they’re trying to undo the mess by paying migrants off.

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Obama wants to secure the border to prevent illegal immigration…between Turkey and Syria

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We could probably write an entire article about every move Obama makes in Paris this week because the absurdity and hypocrisy he brings with him at every turn is astonishing, even for him. While the US southern border continues to see larger and larger waves of illegal immigrants crossing, Obama wants to deploy military and U.S. air power to secure the border between Turkey and Syria. Wait, wouldn’t that make them xenophobes or dirty dirty racists? I thought securing the borders to keep out illegals was a liberal taboo!

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Obama forgets he’s in Paris—says mass shootings like Planned Parenthood “Just don’t happen in other countries”

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Once again, Obama showed he has the memory and self-awareness of a goldfish, forgetting Paris’s deadly mass slaughter just weeks after 130 people lost their lives at the hands of ISIS. Speaking about the Planned Parenthood shooting, Obama said, “This just doesn’t happen in other countries.” Some will argue that that what happened in Paris was different because it was an act of terrorism, but those same people will argue that so-called “right wing terrorism” is more dangerous than Islamic jihad. Even Planned Parenthood called the shooting an act of “domestic terrorism.” You can’t have it both ways.

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Surviving Russian pilot says no warning was given before Turkey shot down his airplane

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The account from the one surviving pilot of the gunned-down Russian airplane appears to corroborate the suspicion that Turkey’s aggression was a premeditated act of war. As we reported last night, it appears Turkey has been acting as a middle man for ISIS’s oil exports, and Russia’s bombing campaigns against ISIS oil have been cutting in on Turkey’s profit. Turkey has apparently chosen their side in the war against ISIS, and (no big surprise) they’ve thrown in their lot with the Islamic jihadists.