Black Lives Matter needs to look at the statistics

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As we’ve mentioned before, Black Lives Matter is angry but it doesn’t have statistics on its side.

This video does a great job of exposing that.

One caveat: Closer to the end of the video, the speaker refers to “proactive policing.” She’s likely describing the controversial “stop, question and frisk” policy that New York and other cities have used to deter crime. She’s right in noting that the left decried this policy as “racist” (which is ludicrous). She’s also right in noting that policies like this helped deter crime (the statistics bear it out plainly). However, the danger in programs like this is that it sets up a scenario where, if the officer isn’t careful, he will violate the 4th Amendment rights of the individuals he is policing. The question here shouldn’t be “Did it work?”, nor should it be “Is it racist?” The question, as usual, should be “Is this Constitutional?”