AWFUL: German homeschooling family loses political asylum case in Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

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In 2010, a Federal judge granted the Romeike family political asylum to the United States after Germany threatened to take their children away and imprison the parents for homeschooling. The Obama administration filed an appeal to overturn that decision, denying the Remeikes’ asylum, and putting their family in jeopardy.

Today, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Obama administration and denied the Romeikes asylum.

from the Blaze:

The Romeike family has for years been battling for the right to educate their children as they see fit.  Today, the United States government has denied their request.

Originally from Germany, Evangelical Christians Uwe and Hannelore Romeike wanted to homeschool their six children, but it is against the law in Germany.  They faced threats of legal action from the government and crippling fines before choosing to immigrate to the United States in 2010, seeking political asylum.

U.S. Immigration Judge Lawrence Burman granted the Romeike’s request, but it was overturned in 2012 by the Board of Immigration Appeals, after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement challenged the decision.

Today, in the words of the Home School Defense League Association, which has represented the family: “The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Obama Administration’s denial of asylum granted to the Romeike family.”

The parents could face jail time if forced to return home.

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The Romeikes and their lawyer plan to appeal to the Supreme Court.  

I find it astounding that amid all the scandal and corruption of the Obama administration, they still have time to fight good people like the Romeikes in court. They are people who want the freedom to educate their children without the state’s interference, and they’re being persecuted by their home country’s government. 

President Obama fights tooth and nail for amnesty, but when given the opportunity to grant asylum to a peaceful family who has been in the US for years, his administration wants to throw them out and separate the children from their parents. It is the lowest form of hypocrisy. 

The common thread here with every other policy of Obama’s is the general hatred of personal liberty.