Aw! Bill Clinton won’t endorse Charlie Rangel

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After being found guilty of ethics violations, Charlie Rangel is fighting for his political life in his election bid for a 22nd term in Congress.  His old pal Bill Clinton won’t be around to help him out this time.

from the New York Post:

Bill Clinton is abandoning his old ally Charles Rangel, who is fighting for his political life as he seeks re-election to a 22nd term, The Post has learned.

Harlem Rep. Rangel won’t be getting an endorsement from the former president, who will sit out the primary, a Clinton source said.

Clinton strongly backed Rangel’s re-election in 2010 when the incumbent was under fire for House ethics-rules violations that later led to a congressional censure.

Clinton even personally taped a message that was phoned in to voters on behalf of Rangel, who has been a loyal Clinton backer for decades.

Rangel, in turn, vehemently defended Clinton during the ex-president’s impeachment proceedings, and led the charge to launch Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political career, helping her get elected to the US Senate from New York.

Rangel also supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president over Barack Obama, who didn’t endorse Rangel last time and is staying neutral in this year’s primary.

But the Clinton source said the former president has a personal conflict this time around. One of Rangel’s rivals, Clyde Williams, was a top aide at the Clinton Foundation and worked in the Clinton administration.

“He is grateful for Clyde’s work with the foundation. Because he has personal relationships with several of the candidates in the race, he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to weigh in on the race,” a Clinton official said.

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See, kids, this is what happens when you do something stupid like evade paying taxes.  You get found out.  After you get found out, your friends don’t want to be your friends any more.