Another day, another fake hate crime…anti-Muslim vandalism turns out to be self-inflicted

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Since we’re already on the topic of fake hate crimes, what is it with progressives and their incessant need to be victims?  There’s some very strange psychology in all of it.  They’re like political hypochondriacs trying to weasel their way in to a surgery they don’t need, only in this case, they’re trying to do unnecessary surgery on the entire country, not just themselves.

Police in Wisconsin have determined that no crime was committed after a man claimed that his car and home were vandalized by a group of Confederate flag waving men called the “Council of Patriots.” As it turns out, the man smashed in his own car window and sent himself threatening text messages.

from the Orangeberg County Police:

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office has concluded that claims of a hate crime perpetrated against an individual currently residing in Orangeburg County had been fabricated.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said an exhaustive investigation into claims several individuals displaying a Confederate flag while smashing the victim’s windows are false.

“My detectives conducted an unbiased, thorough investigation into the allegations someone had committed these crimes against this individual,” the sheriff said. “What we found was this individual had made the entire story up.”

The man, 41, who is currently residing at a Cordova residence, told relatives someone had thrown bricks through the man’s residence window as well as smashed windows on the man’s vehicle. Those relatives, in turn, filed a report with the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 21.

“I immediately had an investigator assigned to establish the man’s story and to pursue any and all suspects involved,” Ravenell said. “However, the suspects, the texts messages – all fabricated.”

Investigators believe the motive behind the tale is domestic in nature.

No charges are expected since the man himself did not make a report. The story was relayed to law enforcement through relatives, who believed the man’s tale with no intent of maliciousness on their part.

Had the man himself filed a report, he could be facing a charge of filing a false police report.

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The reality here, of course, is that by fabricating threats from a phony white hate group, this man reveals himself to be the only racist in the story.