Analysis: Global temperatures drive CO2, not the other way around

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From Principia Scientific:

Analysis of the satellite global temperature and known atmospheric carbon dioxide levels indicate that it is the temperature of the atmosphere that controls CO2 levels, not the reverse. The findings discredit the UN IPCC narrative that carbon emissions drive global warming.

…The maximum in the annual increment of the temperature, at October 1997, preceded the maximum in the annual increment in the CO2 concentration, at March 1998, by 5 months revealing that the CO2 change could not possibly have caused the temperature change.

Statistical analysis of the complete data set extending from December 1978, when satellite measurements began, until the present determined that the 5 month delay was the average throughout the 38 year period.

Further, it can be seen that the Average Temperature graph, being a plot of the 12 month running average temperature, corresponds with the overall variation in the CO2 annual increment. Again this is confirmed by analysis of the complete record which gave a statistically significant correlation between the two.

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Is there a correlation between global temperature and CO2? Satellite data say yes. But the CO2 change always comes after the temperature change. So either the environment is magically predicting how much CO2 will be in the atmosphere┬áin a few months, or CO2 isn’t driving global temperatures like many government-funded scientists have maintained for decades.

Exit thought: Every winter, coat sales increase. This must mean that the sale of coats causes the temperature to decrease. So if global temperatures are rising, we should just get everyone to buy coats, right?