90 people murdered in Chicago in August alone

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Paging BLM.

From ABC News:

Chicago saw its bloodiest month in two decades this August, after police recorded a staggering 90 murders, 384 shootings and 472 total shooting victims.

So far this year, police in the Windy City have logged at least 468 murders and 2,848 shooting victims. This works out to nearly 12 shooting victims, on average, every single day and 59 murders every month.

Chicago is on pace for its highest overall murder count since at least 2008, when 513 were recorded in the entire year. Overall annual murders in Chicago hit a peak of 940 in 1992, according to police statistics, and last topped 600 in 2003.

Compared to the same time period last year, murders so far in 2016 have shot up by 49 percent while shooting incidents have increased by 48 percent.

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Remember, Chicago has been run by Democrats since 1931. Let that sink in. That’s 85 years of one-party rule. And don’t expect it to change any time soon.

And yes, we could talk about the generational welfare that has decimated families in inner-cities like Chicago, we could talk about Chicago’s strict gun laws that don’t seem to be preventing crime, rather, contributing to it, we could talk about the failure of government schools in big cities, we could talk about the fact that there are gangs in Chicago who have threatened and plotted to kill police officers, we could talk about how government intervention and regulation (such as minimum wage laws) has made unemployment much worse, leaving young people with lots of time but without jobs, on-the-job training, money or prospects.

But really, we need to recognize what all these things have in common: A failure of government. That’s the lesson we must take away from all of this: Liberty works. Big government doesn’t.

Exit thought: Remember that time NFL athletes knelt during the National Anthem to protest the massive government programs that inevitably lead to deplorable conditions and the deaths of inncer-city blacks? Wait…