2% of Chicagoans strongly approve of Rahm

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Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff, left his post at the White House in 2010 to run for mayor of his hometown of Chicago. If you remember, there was a law in place that disqualified Emanuel from being mayor as he had not had a residence in Chicago for a year prior to the election. But as is commonplace in Chicago, the law does not apply to popular liberal democrats. The law that should have, by anyone’s account, rendered him ineligible for mayoral office, was ignored by the Chicago board of elections, the Cook County Circuit Court and the liberal Illinois Supreme Court. He was an utter shoe-in, getting more than 55% of the vote, well more than twice that of his nearest challenger. Well apparently those days are gone as he now enjoys endures just a 12% approval rating with only 2% strongly approving. That’s unheard of. It’s like my dad has always said: “2% of the people believe in the tooth fairy.”

From the Wapo via NBC:

…Just 2 percent of Chicagoans surveyed said they strongly approve of the mayor’s job performance, with 12 percent somewhat approving and 5 percent leaning that way. At the opposite end, 13 percent strongly disapprove, 9 percent somewhat disapprove and 13 percent lean toward disapproval.

Read the Rest (NBC), or read it on Wapo, which, of course, tries to spin it in a positive way.

I suppose the city’s rampant violence and skyrocketing debt aren’t something Chicagoans counted on when they elected him in a landslide. Come to think of it, I don’t think there’s been an Illinois politician with such a low approval rating since discraced fellow Democrat Rod Blagojevich.