Hamas executes 18 Palestinian “collaborators” with Israel outside mosque in front of worshipers

Just in case you were still wondering, the answer is yes: Hamas and ISIS are two branches of the same evil tree. 

from Reuters:

Hamas-led gunmen in Gaza executed 18 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel on Friday, a day after Israeli forces killed three Hamas commanders, the highest-ranking militants to die in the six-week war.

Militants wearing masks and dressed in black gunned down seven of those condemned, whose faces were covered and hands bound, in front of worshippers emerging from the Omari mosque on Palestine Square, in the first public executions in the enclave since the 1990s.

A further 11 were killed at an abandoned police station near Gaza City, Hamas security officials said. Two bodies were seen being loaded onto an ambulance before Reuters journalists were told to leave the area.

"The resistance has begun an operation called ‘strangling the necks’, targeting collaborators who aid the (Israeli) occupation, kill our people and destroy houses," said Al-Majd, a website run by Hamas’s internal security service.

A so-called conviction letter signed by the “Palestinian Resistance” was posted on a wall near where the bodies of the alleged collaborators lay. The notice read:

"They provided the enemy with information about the whereabouts of fighters, tunnels of resistance, bombs, houses of fighters and places of rockets, and the occupation bombarded these areas, killing a number of fighters … Therefore, the ruling of revolutionary justice was handed upon him."

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A mass murder of their own people.  This is the kind of unimaginable brutality that radical Islamic jihadism leads to. 

It’s time for people to wake up and stop acting like Hamas are the good guys.

Teens get 8-11 years in prison for torturing, carving swastika into friend’s forehead


It’s hard to imagine teenagers committing this kind of horror on each other.  

from NY Daily News:

An Oregon teen who carved a swastika into a former friend’s head and forced the boy to eat cat feces has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for the horrifying February torture session.

Blue Christian James Kalmbach, 16, was the last of four teens sentenced for the “unthinkable” crimes.

He told the courtroom, including his now-17-year-old victim Dustyn Murrain, that he was “very sincerely sorry” for the brutal crimes.


"It’s hard to imagine how this crime occurred,” Multnomah County Judge Jean Kerr Maurer said. "It’s almost impossible to imagine this could happen between friends, but it did.”

Kalmbach, 15-year-old Jenna Montgomery, Jess Taylor, 17, and Shane Connell, 14, spent the night before the Feb. 10 incident planning out the attack on the teen, once Kalmbach’s best friend.

Montgomery lured the teen to the shed, where the three other boys were waiting, the Oregonian reported.

Kalmbach bashed Murrain in the head with a crowbar several times, then ordered the teen to take off his shirt. The teens shot him in the chest and crotch several times with a BB gun before Kalmbach carved the swastika into Murrain’s head.

The kids then robbed the teen before he was able to escape and get help.

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The other teens’ sentences range from 10 years in juvenile detention for the youngest and 8 and 10 years in prison for the two older teens respectively.  

Ukraine: Russia has launched “direct invasion” – hundreds of Russian supply trucks cross border

Putin has ramped up his incursion into Ukraine, sending hundreds of trucks across the border. Ukraine is calling it a “direct invasion.”

from BBC:

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has accused Russia of a “flagrant violation of international law” after Russian humanitarian aid lorries entered Ukraine without permission.

More than 100 Russian lorries had entered on Friday without any customs clearance or Red Cross escort, he said.

Reports say the first trucks have reached the rebel-held city of Luhansk in the eastern war zone.

Russia accused Ukraine of unreasonable obstruction and sent the convoy in.

Ukraine’s security chief Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said it was a “direct invasion” but no force would be used against the convoy as it wished to avoid “provocations”.

Reports suggest the lorries are being escorted by rebel fighters.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it was not part of the convoy “in any way”.

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Russia claims that the trucks are full of civilian aid, but for all we know, it’s more surface to air missiles that they could use to take down another airliner. 

What a good cop looks like: Officer goes above and beyond for teen in troubled home.

I love this story because it’s thankfully not the kind of police-related story we so often report on around here.  This isn’t a story about abuse of power or brutality; it’s a story about compassion and going above and beyond the call of duty. 

This is what a good cop looks like.

Here’s the video:

from WSMV:

A few weeks ago, 13-year-old Cameron Simmons called Sumter police because he was upset after fighting with his mom. The teenager told police he didn’t want to live in the house with his family anymore.

Officer Gaetano Acerra responded to the call.

"I said, ‘You have it good, you have a roof over your head,’" said Acerra. "I told him I would try to help him out, and here we are now."

The officer brought Simmons home, and realized the boy didn’t have a real bed. In fact, Simmons didn’t have nearly anything he needed for a bedroom.

"My heart went out for him," said Acerra. "I thought the little things that he needed I could give him, to make him a happier kid."

A few weeks after the call, Acerra showed up at Simmon’s house with a truck full of gifts.

"Bed, TV, desk, chair, a Wii game system that somebody donated to me because of the story I told them," said Acerra.

Simmons told Acerra that because of the new bed, his back won’t hurt anymore.

Simmons was sleeping on an inflatable mattress. The teenager said the mattress would slowly deflate throughout the night.

"I didn’t do this for publicity or to get people to notice me," Acerra said. "I did it because I could. It was the right thing to do and I think people should do things like this."

Officer Acerra said he has gained more than just a few pats on the back; he’s gained friend.

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We’ve said it over and over at this blog: not all cops are bad.  We are certainly not anti-cop.  There are plenty of good, respectful, law-abiding police officers out there.  Unfortunately, there are also a lot of bad ones too. 

We simply advocate that people with great amounts of authority and power be held accountable.  Police have lethal amounts of power, and that power gets overused daily all across the country. It’s time for less lethal force, less militarization, and more of what Officer Acerra is doing.  

Acerra seems to realize that respect for authority is something that is earned, not something that comes from instilling fear.  Acerra’s actions are the kind of thing that might actually change a bad neighborhood into a good one. 

Conflicting stories: Now CNN says Darren Wilson did not suffer a broken eye socket

Here we go.  CNN is conflicting yesterday’s reports that Officer Darren Wilson suffered an eye socket fracture before shooting and killing Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Here’s the report from CNN:

This is Don Lemon on CNN (who, by the way, doesn’t know what an automatic weapon is).  So, I’d take anything from him with a grain of salt. 

Again, all this goes to show.  We must stick to the facts and not jump to conclusions. 

At this juncture, both sides of the story have holes in them.  The only piece of physical evidence we have is the autopsy report on Michael Brown, which clearly indicated that all 6 shots came from the front, not the back like some early reports indicated. We also have video footage and corroborating witness reports that Brown robbed a convenience store before his confrontation with Officer Wilson.  

We have advocated from the very beginning.  Stick to the facts. Stay principled.  Don’t pick a side and cheerlead for your favorite team.  

If the evidence, when it’s all gathered, points to Officer Wilson shooting Michael Brown in cold blood, he should be charged with murder.  However, we don’t have that evidence yet.  

Feds: Obama broke “clear and unambiguous law” in Bergdahl prisoner swap

So now what happens?  According to the Government Accountability Office, President Obama broke a “clear an unambiguous law” when he authorized the prisoner swap of 5 Taliban generals for army deserter Bowe Bergdahl. 

from National Review:

“[The Department of Defense] violated section 8111 because it did not notify the relevant congressional committees at least 30 days in advance of the transfer,” the GAO report said. “In addition, because DOD used appropriated funds to carry out the transfer when no money was available for that purpose, DOD violated the Antideficiency Act. The Antideficiency Act prohibits federal agencies from incurring obligations exceeding an amount available in an appropriation.”

The GAO rejected the idea that the action was legal and sidestepped the Obama team’s suggestion that the law is unconstitutional.

“It is not our role or our practice to determine the constitutionality of duly enacted statutes,” the report says. “In our view, where legislation has been passed by Congress and signed by the President, thereby satisfying the bicameralism and presentment requirements in the Constitution, that legislation is entitled to a heavy presumption in favor of constitutionality.”

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Obama broke not just one but two laws.  He committed a crime.  It’s time for some consequences. 

Your move, Congress.

Brown family’s “autopsy expert” is NOT a doctor; has degree in non-existent medical field

This really should quiet down some of the conspiracy mob in Ferguson, but it won’t. 

from Gateway Pundit:

Oh, good grief!
The self-proclaimed expert who held a national press conference on the Mike Brown shooting is NOT A DOCTOR.

He holds a degree in a NON-EXISTENT MEDICAL FIELD.

Shawn Parcells, a forensic pathologist who assisted in the autopsy of Michael Brown points at an autopsy diagram showing where the gun shots hit Michael Brown as he speaks about the findings during a press conference at the Greater St. Marks Family Church on August 18, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.

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More from WDAF:

A Kansas City man is now front and center in the controversial shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Shawn Parcells owns a company that provides autopsy services, and some in the forensic community are taking issue with his involvement in this or any other case.

Parcells owns National Forensic Autopsy and Recovery Services. He says lawyers for the family of Michael Brown contacted him because of his expertise in gunshot wounds.

“I am a forensic pathologist assistant and medical investigator,” Parcells told FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien.

However, that’s something of a dubious title according to forensic pathologist Dr. Erik Mitchell.

“That is a degree that does not exist in my knowledge, except in the mind of Shawn Parcells,” Dr. Mitchell said.

Dr. Mitchell takes issue with Parcells’ title.

“You cannot claim the title, because it is a formal, licensable position. You can assist somebody; in this way I can say, for instance, I have paid my taxes, so I am an assistant President of the United States,” Dr. Mitchell said.

Parcells admits he has no certification as a pathology assistant, but says his qualification comes from experience.

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This is important because Parcells is claiming that one of the bullets that killed Michael Brown came from behind him, which completely contradicts the official autopsy results.  

Federal Reserve data reveals Obamacare as a disaster for business.

from Zero Hedge:

Remember all those allegations that Obamacare would be an unmitigated disaster for businesses, especially smaller companies? Well, now we have proof.

As the Philly Fed, which mysteriously soared at the headline level even as the vast majority of its components tumbled, reported moments ago, “in special questions this month, firms were asked qualitative questions about the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how, if at all, they are making changes to their employment and compensation, including benefits.”

What the survey found was very disturbing: not only did businesses report that as a result of Obamacare the number of workers they employ is lower than higher (18.2% vs 3.0%), that there has been an increase in part time jobs (18.2% higher vs 1.5% lower), leading to a big increase in outsourcing and most importantly, Obamacare costs are being largely passed on to customers (28.8% reporting higher vs 0.0% lower), the punchline was that while there is basically no change in the number of employees covered (17.6% higher vs 14.7% lower and 67.6% unchanged), there has been a big jump in Premiums, Deductibles, Out-of-pocket maximums, and Copays, which has been “matched” by a far greater reduction in the range of medical coverage and the size of the network.

In short a disaster.

NY Daily News cover blasts Obama’s “Golf War”

President Obama put his own spin on the oft-quoted advice of predecessor Teddy Roosevelt: speak strongly and carry a nine iron.

The vacationing commander-in-chief returned to the golf course Wednesday after calling for justice in the brutal killing of an American journalist by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorists. …

The president zipped quickly from a local school to a Martha’s Vineyard golf course after his 12:45 p.m. media session. Obama delivered a short statement and took no questions from the assembled media.

Obama vows to be “relentless” against ISIS…after he finishes golfing and golfing…and golfing…

President was all smiles and fist bumps again today on the golf course with not a hint of concern about the American journalist still held in captivity ISIS nor the other American journalist who was beheaded earlier this week.  

Yesterday’s 5 minute speech on James Foley’s death was completely overshadowed by the 5 hour golf game Obama immediately rushed off to after the speech.

Obama is back on the golf course again today.

from Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama teed off again on Thursday, just 24 hours after pictures of his wide grin on the golf course drew condemnation in the wake of the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley.
'Admit it,' a White House pool reporter emailed the press corps. 'You all made small-dollar bets that POTUS would be playing golf today. And … you would be right!'
'We are at the Farm Neck Golf Club at 1:13 pm. and POTUS is hitting the links again.'
The president drew fire Wednesday after reacting to Foley’s on-camera slaying for just five minutes, and then gripping his driver.
He had told a global audience minutes earlier that ‘when people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.’
Then he was seen laughing with friends and fist-bumping them during a five-hour round at Farm Neck on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Today’s trip makes the 8th time Obama has played golf in 11 days.  By my count, that makes 194 games of golf since Obama took office. 

Utterly shameful.

St. Louis police release disturbing video of officers shooting Kajieme Powell


In the wake of the death of Michael Brown, St. Louis police shot and killed Kajieme Powell.  His death added immediate fuel to the fire in an already volatile situation. 

Today, the St. Louis police released cell phone video of the incident. This video raises as many questions as it answers, but one thing is for sure:

Kajieme Powell wanted to die.  

He can be heard on the video screaming at the officers, “Shoot me now, mother f***ers!” as he walked advanced them. This was certainly a case of suicide by cop.

You can also hear the police officers yelling, “Get your hand out of your pocket! Drop it! Drop the knife!”

However, the video may be somewhat at odds with the St. Louis Police’s official story.

from Reason:

After St. Louis police shot to death 25-year-old Kajieme Powell yesterday —and apparently for good measure cuffed his corpse, says an eyewitness at the scene of the video below around 2:45—St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson told the press that he was a clear and present danger to the officers, having, as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, “pulled out a knife and came at the officers, gripping and holding it high, Dotson said.” The Huffington Post reported Dotson as saying the knife was in an “overhand grip.”

This cell phone video—alas from pretty far away—does not look to me like Powell was raising his arms. Nor does it show any obvious sign that I can see of a knife at all, but I can’t be sure of that. But the position of his arms seems clear enough to me when the shots that killed him begin, around 1:35 or so of the video.

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The video also makes it clear that Powell robbed a store and was simply waiting for police to arrive with the clear intent of confronting him.  He wanted to die, and I believe he wanted to become a martyr.  Sadly, he got his wish. 

Before I post the video, I want to give an EXTREME content warning.  The video is too far away to be graphic, but it is very disturbing. You are watching a young man’s life end. There’s also a LOT of language.  This is in no way appropriate for children. 

You have been warned.

Here’s the video:

My gut feeling from watching the video is that the police officers will be found innocent of any wrongdoing.  Clearly, Powell wanted to die and was willing to force an aggressive confrontation with police in order to get what he wanted. 

However, that doesn’t mean that the events had to go down like this.  Do you think the police officers should have shown more restraint?  How do you think the officers should have handled the situation?  Did they do the right thing?

Consider this an open discussion.  

If you only watch one video about Ferguson and the “race wars,” watch this one

Stick to the facts and stay principled.  It’s what we’ve been saying since the very beginning of the Ferguson police shooting and subsequent riots. 

If the officer who killed Michael Brown did indeed shoot an unarmed man who had his hands up and was running away, he should be charged with murder.  But we must examine the facts before we come to that conclusion.

Bill Whittle, who examines Ferguson and the bigger picture of racial violence in America, sticks only to the facts. 

Here’s the video:

I couldn’t have said it better had I spent a week trying to collect my thoughts.  Bill Whittle cuts right to the heart of the matter. 

As regular readers of this website know, we take police brutality very seriously around here and make almost daily calls for greater accountability among cops. However, we always advocate sticking to the facts in every case, and that’s simply not what’s happening in the media’s coverage of Ferguson nor in the Obama administration’s reaction.  

Feel free to pass some facts along to your friends and relatives by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. 

VIDEO: CNN’s Don Lemon thinks an AR-15 is an “automatic weapon”

This is CNN.

This is why the gun debate is so frustrating to watch in the mainstream media.  The bone heads who oppose gun ownership (which is a guaranteed right in the Constitution) simply have no idea what they’re talking about.  They just know that they hate guns. 

Here’s the video:

We shouldn’t take away anyone’s 2nd Amendment right, but “we should examine it”?  Examine it and do what?  Then take it away?  

If Don Lemon had any credibility in the gun debate, he just lost all of it.  He knows less about guns than my 11 year old nephew.

Federal Judge orders Obama administration to release Operation Fast and Furious documents


This is a big win for Congressional investigators who still don’t have answers as to why the Justice Department allowed thousands of guns to flow freely into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. 

from National Review:

A federal judge ordered President Obama’s team to hand over some documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious and to provide a list of withheld documents.

Once House Republicans see the list of withheld documents, they will have a chance to challenge the withholding of particular documents.

“This Administration has been so intent on hiding the contents of these documents that it allowed Attorney General Holder to be held in contempt instead of just turning them over to Congress,” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) said of the ruling. “The privilege log will bring us closer to finding out why the Justice Department hid behind false denials in the wake of reckless conduct that contributed to the violent deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and countless Mexican citizens.”


U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson “signaled that under the ruling she would devise, DOJ would have to persuade her on each document as to why she should allow Holder to withhold it from Congress” when she heard the case in May, according to Breitbart’s Ken Klukowski.

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The ill-fated Operation Fast and Furious resulted in the death of hundreds of people including two Federal agents. 

Of course: Nancy Pelosi’s district is exempt from California’s water restrictions

San Francisco gets its water from the same source as the rural farmers who are forced by US Fish and Wildlife to endure a drought.  San Franciscans, like Nancy Pelosi, get to enjoy their water, but California’s farmers get to enjoy dead crops.

Why is that?

from Washington Times:

The Endangered Species Act has wreaked havoc for decades on rural communities, but a newly filed lawsuit could force San Francisco urbanites like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to share their pain.

A federal complaint filed this week contends that the Hetch Hetchy Project, which supplies water to San Francisco and the Bay Area, has unfairly enjoyed an exemption from the “severe cutbacks” required in rural California in order to save endangered fish species.

Craig Manson, who heads the Center for Environmental Science, Accuracy and Reliability (CESAR) in Fresno, said the lawsuit is aimed at addressing the “double standard” that forces farmers to give up water in the name of species conservation — without requiring Bay Area residents to do the same.

Mr. Manson wants the National Park Service to press the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to end the special exemption from the Endangered Species Act (ESA), but “the Park Service just won’t do it.”

Why not? Jeffrey Olson, National Park Service spokesman, said the agency cannot comment on ongoing litigation, but critics point out that San Joaquin Valley farmers have nowhere near the political clout of San Francisco’s political leadership, which includes Mrs. Pelosi and a good chunk of the state’s dominant liberal power structure.

“I think the law is being subjectively applied,” said Aubrey Bettencourt, executive director of the California Water Alliance. “California is a tale of two cities. If you added all the agrarian counties of California together in terms of registered voters, that’s not even enough to offset either San Francisco or Los Angeles. There are not enough votes.”

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The California water shortage is a man-made disaster.  Obama actually promised to veto any legislation that would turn the water back on to California’s Central Valley.  It’s outrageous, and it’s forcing people to suffer unnecessarily.  Not only that, but you only have to suffer if you’re one of the unprivileged ones.